Is Your Mental Map Outdated?

Updating our Mental Maps can be difficult, long used maps can become like cherished heirlooms of times-past and family traditions. They create a sense of familiarity and continuity. Many people become stuck using ineffective but “familiar” Mental Maps. Even when what’s familiar is the increasing pain of walking in circles and running into obstacles, it’s still more appealing than the anxiety of a new map and uncharted territory. The fusion to long held Mental Maps can make it difficult to consider the possibility that unexamined maps are just as likely to lead you off of cliff as they are to lead you home…

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On Carving Your Niche

I keep this wooden block on the window edge in my office, right behind my laptop. Even when I'm working, I can usually see the top peeking above my computer screen. It's a nice reminder of what I learned and what I'm still learning. 

I'm an experiential learner. I learn most deeply when I can use more than one of my senses to receive and interpret new information. One morning, about ten months ago…

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For several years I have done home inspections for a local real estate company. After they purchase a house, they ask me to go through it, top to bottom and identify any potential issue that would make the home structurally unsound, unsafe, and/or outdated. As I grow my practice I still work for them part time. I like the company, I like the people, I like that no two houses are ever the same, and that I learn a lot about people. I learn how they live by what they leave behind and the condition of their space, but I also learn about people in a metaphorical sense. 

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