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The Road to Family Therapy

No job. No income. We were 1,800 miles away from home with a baby on the way and some hard decisions to make. 

It was springtime and the snow was beginning to melt. We knew that the roads would probably be okay but had some anxiety knowing that we were about to leave our home in Bozeman, MT and head back to Nashville. We wanted to make it home safe, super-duper safe, considering the precious cargo on board. 

I was driving the Uhaul with an attached trailer that carried my Tacoma, with our border collie Roxy in the passenger seat. My wife Laura was following along in a small green sedan. Her car was full of the clothes and "soft stuff" that we could fit for safety purposes. Remember, we had precious cargo to protect. Our pug, Richard, kept her company and provided some distraction to the increasing uncomfortability of being very pregnant and having morning sickness. It's a 26 hour drive. 

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