• $35 per week

  • 8 Weeks

  • 2 Hours at a time

The Self Discovery Workshop will take you on an eye-opening journey of self exploration. You will learn about the people and experiences that have help shape your self-identity and how some of those things are helpful and harmonious while others are harmful and hostile. You will be empowered to organize your story in a way that makes being yourself a source of great strength, purpose, and satisfaction.

You will find your authentic self in a new way and have a map for living the life you want.



WEEK 1: INTRO: WHO ARE YOU? Introduction to the materials. Get acquainted. Expectations for the journey ahead. Receive workbook (additional $15 at the first meeting to cover the cost of your materials).

WEEK 2: THE MESSENGERS. Discover the people and experiences that have shaped your view of yourself, others, and the world.

WEEK 3: THE MESSAGES. Discover the messages you received and accepted from your significant relationships and experiences.

WEEK 4: MORE OF THIS. LESS OF THAT. Determine the messages that you would like to experience less of in your life and the ones you would like to have more of. 

WEEK 5: THE HOSTILE TAKEOVER. Discover what life is like when hostile messages are running the show.

WEEK 6: IT IS WHAT IT IS. Discover how things usually are from day to day. Some good, some bad. Gain clarity on what messages you ACTUALLY listen to the most.

WEEK 7: LIVING THE GOOD LIFE. Discover the messages that are most congruent with who you are and what life is like when you listen to those the most. Set the course of your future. 

WEEK 8: CONCLUSION: THE NEW LENS. Review your personalized guide.  We will answer the question: "So what?" Resources for the journey ahead. Certificate of competion.


    WHO? Anyone (16+) trying to be more comfortable in their own story, learn who they are, and live authentically. 

    WHERE? Depends on the group. Some are at my office in Madison. Others are in local churches, college campuses, or community centers. Contact me for the location of the next one. 

    WHEN? Runs in 8-week cycles. I will offer a new one every few weeks or when there's enough demand to start another one.